Barstomun Strongbeard


The head of the porters guild in Fallcrest. He also wrote the following editorial for the Fallcrest Gazette:

They Will Adventure Us to Death

These adventurers have gotten out of hand. They always come up with such inspiring names for their groups: “Borojon’s band”, “the Scions of Light and Dark”, or “The Defenders of Fallcrest”.

Let’s look at that – “Defenders of Fallcrest”. Sounds pretty high and mighty. So benevolent. Has anyone seen the so called “Defenders of Fallcrest” in the last month? They “save” us from the River Rats and then disappear.

Well, I asked around to find out what else they are defending. They headed to Winterhaven where they deposed the Lord Protector and took the seat of power. Now they are raising a militia there.

After “saving” Winterhaven from a “death cult” made up of kobolds as best as anyone can tell, they headed to the Harkenwold. Now, yes, there were some problems with the Iron Circle. Did they help rid our Nentir Vale of the Iron Circle? Maybe they did and maybe they didn’t. What I can tell you that they did do, was at every turn leverage their “aid” for favors and positions of potential authority. They forced the Woodsinger Elves to send archery masters to train their militia in Winterhaven and Baron Stockmer has been “persuaded” to name them to be the leaders should he pass before fathering another child.

Now the “Defenders” are in the Thunderspire Labyrinth, likely conspiring with drow and duergar to overthrow the rightful leadership of our Vale. I say we kick all these adventurers out before they help us to death!


Barstomun Strongbeard

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