Prune Business

Prune Business Rules

There are three stages to the prune juice business. Prunes must be grown, distilled, then sold to taverns. 1 bushel of prunes can be distilled into 1 barrel of prune juice.

Prune Farms
• Capacity – 2d10 bushels per month
• Conversion Cost – Capacity x 500 gp
• Monthly Cost – 10 gp per bushel (5gp per bushel for Thwipwick farms)
• Capacity – 1d100 barrels per month
• Building Cost – Capacity x 1,000 gp
• Monthly Cost – 10 gp per barrel
• Capacity – 2d10 barrels per month
• Marketing Cost – Capacity x 500 gp
• Monthly Income – 50 gp per barrel

Any farm, distillery, or tavern can have its capacity increased by 1d4 by spending two capacity’s worth of cost on better farming, distilling, and marketing, respectively, up to the maximum capacity.

Any city in which a tavern is located will drink at most 1 barrel per 10 families in a month.
When an additional tavern is sold to in a city, it cuts into other taverns’ capacity by 1d4, but never reducing the total selling capacity for the town below what it was before the additional tavern.

Starting Info:
Thwipwick Farms: Farm 1 – 15 bushels per month; Farm 2 – 11 bushels per month
Winterhaven Farms: Farm 1 – 9 bushels per month; Farm 2 – 11 bushels per month
Thwipwick Distillery: 75 barrels per month
Prune Infusion: 17 barrels per month
Seven Pillared Hall: 20 barrels per month

Prune Business

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