The Defenders of Fallcrest

Kelson is a Jerk

The party headed to the Thwipwick farm, where they heard Alexandra, Gin’s sister, screaming. They found Kelson, with bloody knuckles, hovering over her. Skuggi and Dreadbeard quickly knock him unconscious. Gin heals Alexandra and kicks Kelson in the face while he’s prone. They brought him to a holding cell at the King’s Gate. Sergeant Gerdrand said they could keep him for two days.

The party then headed to the Lucky Gnome Taproom to explain to Albert, Gin’s brother, what had happened the last couple days. They leave Alexandra with him, so that they can continue to sort out how to deal with Lilikan.

The party traded the amulet for the ring that Kelson desired with Armos, who was being carried around by his servants.

When they returned to the Lucky Gnome Taproom, however, they found the tavern on fire, with Gin’s brother and sister bound and gagged inside. They rescued them and left to confront Kelson.

They approached him in his cell at King’s Gate, at first trying convince them that they had evidence that he was behind the fire, then threatening him if he did not confess. He admitted that he had his gang set fire to the tavern to cover the evidence, but laughed at the idea of confessing to anyone besides Gin.

That's a Lot of Prune Juice

One morning, Gin and his friends were in the low area market selling his prune juice. Not many people were buying, although one group of children mustered up the courage to buy one serving. After being dared to, Billy drank the juice. A seam appeared down his middle, and started tearing. He ended up ripping in half, sealing up, and standing there with a copy standing next to him. One Billy was doubled over coughing, while the other ran around pushing the kids who were watching with dropped jaws. Skuggi stepped in and pushed the second Billy to the ground. As he hit the ground, he disintegrated into dust.

Meanwhile, three halflings, led by Lillikan Smallstature were approaching Gin’s make shift stall. Lillikan apathetically asked Gin how much it would cost to buy five hundred barrels of his prune juice. Gin, noticing one of the halflings holding a large bag, says that what could fit in that bag would be about right for five hundred barrels. Lillikan shrugged and asked, “When will it be ready?” Gin said that it should be ready in a week. Lillikan said, “Alright, I’ll be back in town in a week” before walking away with the other two halflings; leaving the bag of money with the group.

Gin then offers all the kids running around a sample of his prune juice. They decide to try it, but start hallucinating, seeing monsters all around. After they start to come back to the reality around them, Gin tries to convince them that it was all just a hallucination, and suggests that they go home and forget whatever they think they saw.

Gin’s father, Kelson, comes strolling up, looking chipper and self-pleased. With a knowing air he asked, “So, how are sales today, Gin?” After some unsuccessful attempts to deceive him, Kelson says, “So, do you appreciate me sending Lillikan your way? About my fee, I’ll be requiring 80%. You will be able to make five hundred barrels in time, right? If you can’t you’ll have to work it out with Lillikan. If that means you can’t get me my share of 1,600 platinum (pointing to Dreadbeard) your father has something I’d take instead.” Then, he walked off.

The party decided to try a few ways to get the 500 barrels ready for Lilikan. First they went to the Lucky Gnome Taphouse, Kelson’s tavern, and hand out diluted prune juice. Unfortunately, the diluted prune juice lost all of its effectiveness. They kicked everyone out of the bar, to work in privacy, handing a bottle of prune juice to one of the last guys to leave. He drank it when he got outside, which reduced him to violent seizures. The party locked the taphouse to keep out anybody that was upset about the prune juice.

They searched the taphouse, finding a secret tunnel. They began searching it, but heard the River Rats returning, and were able to get out of the taphouse just before being discovered. Skuggi stayed behind, hiding in the shadows of the tavern to discover that Kelson is the leader of the gang.

The party, feeling hopeless about the potential of producing the order in time, went to see Dreadbeard’s father, Armos Kamroth. Armos welcomed Dreadbeard in, and hearing of the situation knew exactly what Kelson wanted: Armos’ dead wife’s ring. Armos said that he would be more than happy to part with one piece of jewelry for another, in particular a trinket that he had tried to buy from Nirva many times. As the party made their way out, Armos and Dreadbeard took turns firing servants for the joy of seeing their faces as they went into unemployment.

The party left, a bit confused about why Kelson would want another’s wife’s ring, and why Armos Kamroth would give up his ring for this mysterious trinket. They found Nirva, who offered them the amulet that Armos was after if they would agree to be informants for her. She also offered to teach them how to harness their inner power. The party agreed, beginning their training that night.

The party would have to complete their training the next night. Having a day to spend before getting the amulet from Nirva, they decided to try another route to avoiding the deal with Lilikan. They went to Bartels Goldhammer and Barstomun Strongbeard to try and stir up some trouble. However, Lilikan Smallstature, and the Smallstature clan, were such big merchants that nobody involved with trading in Fallcrest was willing to cause any trouble for them.

The party returned to Nirva to complete their training that night. By dawn, each person was able to harness their inner energy to produce powerful effects, such as summoning a blast of wind or deadly bolts of sunlight. She gives them the amulet, telling them that it no longer works.


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