The Defenders of Fallcrest

Uniting the Rebles

The party continues to Albridge.

The party hires a minstrel, but does not appreciate his music, so fires him. Then the party hires another minstrel Taylir Swyft.

They start a fight with Iron Circle guys in the tavern and kill them all.

Dar Gremath finds them and takes a liking to them.

He asks them to attack a caravan to disrupt the supply line. The party does, and takes the supplies back to the rebels.

He recommends going to get assistance from the Woodsinger Elves. They go to their village and speak with Eriyel, agreeing to help her deal with the goblins and clear out Dal Nystiere in return for 50 elves to help in the approaching battle with the Iron Circle.

The head to Dal Nystiere, killing a group of goblins and burning their wagon at the portal site into the ruins.

Moving on from Winterhaven

Dreadbeard hires Douven to train a militia for Winterhaven and tries to get the town’s able bodied excited about joining up. 270 join.

The party returns to Fallcrest. Gin visits Albert and Alexandra to check up on them.

Visit Nirva, who sent Noyes to retrieve Kalarel’s spell book for her. She sends Noyes on another quest. She asks if the party can check into some problems in Thunderspire Labyrinth.

Dreadbeard visits Armos, who is trapped in a time warp, causing him to slow down or skip forward in time randomly. Fire rains down on the estate, burning it. Dreadbeard escapes, saving some of the servants on his way out.

Fatel, seeking to free his tribe from imprisonment joins the party, even if they are headed to the Harkenwold first.

The party finds a farm under attack by Iron Circle thugs. They kill them and save Ilyana. She directs them to visit Reithann. Whipnoob, an apprentice of Reithann, joins. They head to the Toadwallow Caverns to deal with the bullywug raiders to free up Tor’s Hold to join in the rebellion.

While there the party rescues Heron Reedfoot, whose family agrees to spread the name of Thwipwick Prunes up and down the White River in gratitude.

The party takes the dragon skull from the Toadwallow Caverns and attaches it to their wagon.

A Calling and a Calamity (Avoided)

As the party fights into the crypt of the keep, Reiko charges in and joins them searching for her brother. The party finds Sir Keegan, who declares that he was a champion of both Corellon and Moradin and recognizes Aegis as the next champion. He gives him a sword glowing with elven sigils and dwarven runes. Lia joins (Sir Keegan’s wife?). The party heads deeper into the keep, fighting through hobgoblins, a deathtrap (statue and whirlpool). Fight vampires in thrall to Kalarel, then Kalarel himself (blood golem eating Gin), destroy the portal, Noyes takes the spell book, the party takes Kalarel’s staff. Skuggi’s soul, free, wishes the adventurers luck and gratitude.

Searching the Keep

The party heads deeper into the keep, finding goblins digging (fruitlessly) for treasure. After dispatching them, they head into an area of natural caverns, where they discover a pool with a blue slime and some letters. It seems both were carried by a messenger, with the first saying:

“Greetings Kalarel,
I have recently learned of your activity in the area and have an offer for you. During your time in this region, if you should capture any humanoids, we are eager to buy them. We have duergar allies in Thunderspire in need of slave stock. If you are interested, send an envoy back to me. My messengers will show the way.

Chief Krand of the Bloodreavers"

The second seemed to be a note to the messenger saying:

“Remember Don’t wet the nodule – unless Kalarel is not receptive to the offer. Then wet it only from a distance and turn and run. Water will bring the creature out of its slumber and it will consume anything it can reach.”

After destroying the blue slime, the party was going to head down to a deeper layer of the keep when Aegis had a premonition that they should head into the crypt of the keep where zombies were standing guard.

Saving Douven's Wife

The party heads to the Keep on the Shadowfell, finds Helga Staul and a goblin named Splug held prisoner, free them both. Douven and Helga return to Winterfell. the party continues with Splug joining them.

A Life for a Life

Gin’s dream (Kelson, Armos, Uncle Seamus, Karavakos)

Dreadbeard riles up the town about unresolved kobold attacks. Padraig overthrown.

Noyes shares the map

Follow map taken from kobold ambushers to find cave hideout of Irontooth and kobolds

Fight in, Skuggi dies, Douven saved.

Back to Winterhaven, Sister Linora says the axe Irontooth used trapped Skuggi’s soul in Orcus’ realm.

Douven tells the party that his wife has been kidnapped and that she is held in the Keep.

Gaining Information

Find out from Astrid that Douven is held by Irontooth.

He refuses to tell where Kalarel is

Valthrun tells Aegis he believes that the symbol is a combination of Corellon and Moradin

Party heads to the Keep

Noyes finds a map, but hides it from the party

Uncovering Winterhaven

The party, at the request of Faren Markelhay and Nirva, headed west to Winterhaven to deal with kobolds attacking travelers and look into rumors about a death cult.

Enter Winterhaven and get their bearings. Gin and Aegis meet Sister Linora, who says that the anvil on Aegis’ back looks like the symbol of moradin. She says he should check with Valthrun.

Skuggi meets Eilian, who tells him about Douven’s search for a dragon burial site.

Dreadbeard hits on Ninaran briefly, but is utterly rejected. Lord Protector Padraig comes in, and Dreadbeard and Gin chat with him (difficulty ruling peasants, prune juice, etc)

Aegis talks to Valthrun who offers to look into symbol.

Visit Valthrun, Valthrun has no information about symbol, but found map that Douven may have used for dragon burial site. notice someone following (Noyes).

Head to dragon burial site. Kalarel shade and Astrid attack, shade destroyed Astrid captured and brought to Winterhaven dungeons.

Tent of Wonders

The party explores Bartimaeus’ gambling tent.

Drowning the River Rats

Leaving the holding cell, Gin offers a bribe to Gerdrand to keep Kelson locked up for another couple days.

Unsure what to do with their last day before Lilikan returns, the party splits up. Gin and Skuggi go to make a couple more barrels of prune juice to try get part of the order ready. Aegis goes in search of an explanation of the marking that has appeared on his shoulder. Dreadbeard goes to the tent of Bartimaeus, that has appeared outside of the town, but leaves when he is told that the only thing that he has to gamble with is his soul.

The party gathers in the field where they first met Lilikan, ready for anything. Lilikan comes up, entirely uninterested in the prune juice. They make a deal with Lilikan, who is being forced to buy the prune juice by Kelson, to get Kelson locked up for good. He offers them 600 gold and a magic item each if they can pull it off.

They get Skuggi’s uncle, Sergeant Murggedin, and bring him to where the tunnel is in the burned Lucky Gnome Taproom. They follow it out to the warehouse district where the River Rats steal goods. They head back through the tunnel to the taproom, Murggedin confident that this evidence will be enough to keep Kelson locked up. When they leave the burned out building, a messenger shows up with a letter for Murggedin. Murggedin instructs the party to transfer Kelson to the Keep’s dungeons, and that he will get word to Faren Markelhay so that he will be expected.

The party collects Kelson from the King’s Gate. On the way across town, the River Rats ambush them. They kill some and knock out the others. They leave Kelson at the keep and bring guards back to collect the other River Rats.

They approach Lilikan who gives them a family badge which will get them family privileges from the Smallstature clan. He also asks that if they have the chance to find themselves in the Harkenwold to deal a blow to the Iron Circle, a militaristic group from the south that has headed north and always makes his trading difficult.

Murggedin finds the party and tells them that Faren Markelhay himself would like to meet them the next morning. He also shows Skuggi the letter he received, stating that Douven Staul, his uncle, had vanished from Winterhaven.

The party visited Nirva over night, who said she believed that Markelhay would ask them to go either to Winterhaven or the Harkenwold. Further, if they did go to Winterhaven, she asked if they would look into rumors of a death cult.

The next morning the party went to meet with Markelhay who thanked them for destroying the River Rats, named them the Defenders of Fallcrest, and asked them to go officially to help with kobold problems near Winterhaven or to deal with the Iron Circle in the Harkenwold. The party decides to go to Winterhaven first.


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