The Defenders of Fallcrest

Taking on New Responsibility

The party heads into the Tower of Vecna. There they discover Paldemar, who is developing a device to drain the arcane energy from every being in the Thunderspire Labyrinth so that he can travel to the Pyramid of Shadows and claim its power for himself.

Upon defeating Paldemar, Gin and Aegis are requested by Orontor. He thanks them for all that they have done, but tells them he will have to banish the party from the Seven Pillared Hall due to Whip’s show. He also sentences Whip to a public whipping, 18 lashes for the 18 injured. Finally, he fires Brugg for being unable to keep the peace in town.

As the party leaves the Seven Pillared Hall, Surina finds them, giving them a message from Nirva, including a recent copy of the Fallcrest Gazette. The party heads to Fallcrest to see the duel between Armos and Faren. Armos wins, tells the people of Fallcrest that he must go defend their safety, and leaves control of the city in Dreadbeard’s hands.

Proof of Intentions

The party discovers that Rendil Halfmoon was one of the people injured in the whip show, having one of his legs cut off. Gin was able to save his life, but not restore his leg. Orontor thanked the party for scattering the Grimmerzhuls and offers them the space of the Grimmerzhul Trading Post for their own trading. He then asked the party to find Maldrick Scarmaker in hopes that he will know how to find Paldemar, a rogue mage of Saruun. The party makes its way down to the Well of Demons, finding the first rooms littered with gnoll corpses. They eventually come to a room where Nirva and Surina are killing the last of the gnoll guards of the room. Nirva turns on the party, accusing them of going behind her back to destroy information she needs. The party is able to convince her that they want to help her. She asks that they find the temple’s main rune circle and make a copy of it for her. Further, she demands that Surina, recently turned by Nirva, remain with the group in order to verify their loyalty.

Trading One Evil for Another?

They continued on to Murkelmor’s room through a secret passage the goliaths had found during their captivity. The party killed him and the mind flayer and guards that were with him. Then they moved on to the forge, where they killed all but Urwol the smith. They recovered the various magical weapons that had been made recently. They then went on to the final area of the Hold and killed Rundarr and his guards, fully clearing out the Horned Hold. They then headed back to the Seven Pillared Hall to report back to Orontor and rest. Once they arrived, they tried to tell the city about the evil of the Grimmerzhuls, but in the apathy they received Whip put on a whip show, disregarding safety, and injured or killed 18 bystanders. The Grimmerzhuls from the trade post snuck off during the show.

Assaulting the Horned Hold

Gin awoke from a dream in which the archfey Feyquarl asked him to be his champion to help stop Cyronax. Cyronax has been destroying the life in the feywild by freezing it. He mentioned that he knows the location of the Spade of Eternity, but that Gin is not ready for it yet. He also mentioned that both Gin and his uncle Seamus have developed a connection to the feywild through their prunes (which is why their prune juice is so magical). Then the party left town, led by Terrlen Darkseeker, towards the Horned Hold. Before leaving, Surina offered her assistance. On the way, the party was ambushed by two tieflings and a bronze warder. They held a map to the Well of Demons, and a couple messages from Paldemar. Surina demanded they go immediately to the Well of Demons, and unconvinced otherwise, she left the party. At the Horned Hold, the party decided to drop into the chapel. They destroyed the wights they found there, and moved on towards some goliath-like voices they heard. They killed the jailors of the goliaths and freed them. They left the party, grateful, asking Fatel to travel with them and save the party’s life to repay the debt.

I Had the Strangest Dream

Grumbar (half-orc barbarian berserker), Keyleth (elf avenger), Ot (changeling warlock hexblade), Pelloth (drow ranger hunter), and Benn (human necromancer), work their way through a frozen lair. They find a room that is frozen shut, which one is able to breech, finding the entire room coated in a two foot thick layer of ice. The group fights to secure the teleportation circle of the lair. A figure teleports in once the ghosts of the room are vanquished-

The party wakes up in the Halfmoon Inn, realizing that they have all had the same, life-like, bizarre dream.

Torog's Offer

Having searched the Chamber of Eyes for treasure and clues, the party headed back to the Seven Pillared Hall. On the way they were attacked by a Winter Owlbear, who had the mark of Torog burning on its chest. When the party defeated it, it burned up, shriveling to nothing. Orontor thanked the party for cleaning out the Chamber of Eyes (giving them tariff exempt status), and asked them to try to find out what happened to Paldemar, a Mage of Saruun that has gone missing. Surina then approached Whipnoob, threatening and denouncing him as evil. The party then sought out Vadriar the Sage to find a way to remove the brank of Torog. He told them of the ritual Exorcise Divine Connection, and in the course of the conversation the party realized that he has been cursed. While he was struggling against the curse, someone put a note in Whip’s pocket which said:

“Dear Sir, I see the wonderful Torog has chosen you to be his champion. To accept watch for his call.”

Shortly after, he had a vision of himself with immense power, which he can gain by sacrificing his left arm. Gin went to talk to Gendar to buy the ritual, and in the process made a deal for him to be a vendor of prune juice. The party found Splug in the Seven Pillared Hall, reporting vast sales success in the Underdark. The party hired Terrlen Darkseeker to lead them to the Horned Hold. Finally, Gin removed the connection between Whip and Torog.

Washing Out the Stain of the Bloodreavers

The heroes entered the Chamber of Eyes. Upon crossing the threshold, Whipnoob had a runic T with a circle at the base emblazon itself on his chest, and in his pain he began shedding blood tears. Seeing no way to help Whipnoob, the party decided to deal with the Bloodreavers, and then get him back to the Seven Pillared Hall. Gin convinced the goblins inside that they were returning from capturing slaves, due to which they opened the locked doors. The party fought various goblins, and human thugs. Reiko froze a couple of them using her Pouch of Frozen Passage. Then, the party fought Krand and his personal retinue and two duergar. Upon killing them all, the party found a letter from Murkelmor Grimmerzhul purchasing slaves two days prior.

Searching for Vengeance

Whip has a dream in which a tiefling named Karavakos approaches him, offering great power if he can find him in the Pyramid of Shadows.

The party was recognized for saving the Harkenwald. Dar Gremath was killed, and his head was tossed into the crowd at the celebration by an Iron Circle member that then committed suicide by jumping off a tower. The party considered investigating a series of dreams that Gin had, and that Whip has begun having featuring a tiefling offering power. Instead the group decided to travel to Thunderspire Peak and root out the Bloodreaver clan and take vengeance on the duergar that enslaved Fatel’s tribe. Upon entering the Seven Pillared Hall, the party ran into Brugg the enforcer of the Mages of Saruun. Gin convinced him that they were there with Nimozaran the Green and needed to meet with the Mages. Brugg went and summoned one of the mages, Orontor, who is currently acting as the Ordinator Arcanis. Aegis told him that Nimozaran was not in Thunderspire, but that he is apprenticed to him. Orontor sent the others away to speak with Aegis alone. He gave him information on where to find the Chamber of Eyes, where the Bloodreavers have made their base, and also hinted at a greater problem that plagues the Seven Pillared Hall that he would like assistance with once the party has removed the stain of the Bloodreavers. Meanwhile, Fatel discovered that there is a duergar outpost in the Seven Pillared Hall run by the Grimmerzhuls, and that they seem to be involved in shady and nefarious trading.

Infiltration and Insurrection

The party arrives in Harken Village, seeks out Old Kellar, the architect of recent updates to the Iron Keep. He tells them of a secret door that can only be opened from the inside. The party sends a message to Albridge to have the army march to Harken Village to help assault the keep.

The party, having contacted the army in Albridge, prepares to infiltrate the Iron Keep in Harken Village. A few miles away, they ambush a caravan, then deciding that it will be easier to sneak in if the keep is desperate for supplies, waits another day and ambushes another supply caravan headed for the Iron Keep. Then half the party sneaks in on the caravan wagon they stole, while the other half organizes the army that has arrived to rush in through a secret entrance that will be opened from the inside.

The party discovers that the Iron Circle is split over who should command in Nazin Redthorn’s place. Using their disguises to full effect, the party causes the two factions to break out into an open fight with each other, as the rebel army slips in to clean up.

The party moves through the keep, searching for Baron Stockmer. They find him under the watch of Kaltis, one of the Iron Circle leaders, and head summoner. They kill her, then give a speech to the army and defeated Iron Circle. In the chaos, Sturmik, the other Iron Circle leader, escapes.

Cleansing Dal Nystiere

The party enters Dal Nystiere, finds a goblin group, kills them, Lia calms and befriends the drakes. The party moves to the second room, killing Yisarn, but losing the drakes in the process. Find door but cannot pass through.


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