The Defenders of Fallcrest

The Pyramid Ascends

Each player plays random guards
Witness an ice blast
See invading goblins

Party returns to Seven Pillared Hall

Vadriar the Sage does not recognize them at all, no longer mumbling and frightened – joins the pyramid of shadows to see the planes.

Travel to Elemental Plane of Air – capture an air elemental’s essence.

Travel back, teleport to the Fiveleague House. Hear rumor about Nenlast being destroyed.

Pyramid flight ritual.

Return to Fallcrest

Report about Orcs west of Winterhaven – growing large, infighting is keeping them in check (aside about beholder)
Terrlen Darkseeker is there with news of Seven Pillared Hall – Slave trade has picked up heavily

Nimozaran has cured Anador and found the ritual to summon a spirit back from the Shadowfell. Autopsy on Jory – brain eaten, gross goop in its place. (goes inside tiny, extradimensional coat closet to find comparable brain to show party difference)

Refugee of a tribe say his tribe was destroyed

What the Brugg

The party asks Reithann to cleanse the pyramid of shadows.
They decide to stop in the seven pillared hall and investigate Brugg. Orontor allowed them entry on condition that Whip Noob not join them and that they not harm any members of the town.
Gin started a charitable campaign to buy a replacement leg for Rendil Halfmoon
They find out that Terrlen Darkseeker went to find them in Fallcrest
The slave trade has begun again
They meet a dimwitted hobgoblin that offers to bring them to a deal to buy any left over slaves
They make a deal with Gendar to have shop space in the pyramid for a year in exchange for aged elixirs of flying and albino griffon feathers
They go with 10 hobgoblins and 75 slaves to a meeting with Brugg and 10 drow
While Brugg is deciding which slaves/sacrifices to buy, Gin started talking to one of the drow, Xanathar about how he should lead, and it would mean more prune juice for the drow if Brugg was out of the way
Xanathar told the party to wait two minutes before attacking Brugg, then talked to his fellow drow
The party prepared to attack Brugg, but sensing danger he struck at Trident first, knocking him unconcsious
Gardain took the brunt of future attacks, largely shrugging them off despite the severity of them
Dreadbeard finished him, took his prototype sword, severed Brugg’s head off, then gave the sword to Xanathar as promised

Tracking Down Huitzilopochtli

Dall Vims is acting weird, as is Jory Shoopli
Party goes to Nimozaran to ask about Inquisitus
Guard informs of murder of Barstomun Strongbeard
Barstomun has been shredded and scattered
DB has guards gather up bits and bring to church
Party asks Nimozaran to come magically put the body together
Ask for Nirva’s help summoning the soul back from the shadowfell
She provides ritual, components and bead to trap his soul
The party successfully traps the bead into the bead, which is then woven into DB’s beard
They use a dwarven Ouiji board to discover the murderer – “Wolf”
They question Dall Vims, and Jory, then arrest them and Dall’s wife for observation by Nimozaran, after Trident gets a sense of the Far Realm on them
Ransack homes, find a letter from Jory to Dall about settling their feud outside the Wizard’s gate
The party goes and questions Anador, the guard on duty the previous night. He said it was quiet, they gave him prune juice, he turned green, they sent him to Nimozaran.
The party got disguised and went to the Nentir Inn
Gin teleported in and out of boring conversations while drinking other peoples’ drinks. He discovered that the Nentir Inn is selling unlicensed prune juice, which turned him green. Trident investigated the rooms, DB demanded a drink from other patrons (who did not comply).
A business meeting was held for the next couple hours. Towards the end, Trident and DB started chanting Zehir. The leader asked to see Gin, Trident and DB after. He asked how they found the meeting. Trident said Scar Vrythal told them about it. He gave them an initiation task. They have a week to spread the rumor that DB worships devils like Armos.
The party starts the rumor through a couple channels (Gin’s family, DB’s guards, Trident at local establishments).
The party asks around about Huitzilopochtli, finds out he was seen over the Fiveleague House. They travel there, learn he was headed south, travel into the Harkenwold and hear that the Iron Circle recently attacked, but a monster killed all the Iron Circlers and now demanded homage.
The party found Huitzilopochtli in Harken Village, trying to subjugate the people. They offered him a role in the army, but refused to bow. A fight broke out, nearly killing Dreadbeard, but the party destroyed the beholder. Baron Stockmer named the party definitively as his successors.

Reentering the World

Dreadbeard is called to Fallcrest to listent to petitioners:
My husband has been acting weird
Refugee of Nenlast
Neighbor stole sheep

Dirk gets some rumors about location of some bounties

Gin researches rituals

I'm Free!

fight some undead in creepy shadow room
kill 3rd karavakos the undead
3 keys, 3 key holes
so many karavakoses
Trident’s down
“You ended Karavakos’ suffering early. You owe me for that”
“The pyramid is ours!”
“I am headed back to the Feywild. Thank you for saving me!”

Kill Me Twice, Shame On Me...

Foulspawn and Devil faces
Three gates: Blind and Deaf, Someone’s going to be hurt, Chomping Mouth
Heart of Madness (42)
I just need a little nap
Fight Karavakos (46)

A New Ally?

After catching their breath from fighting the lizardfolk and harpies, the party headed north into a large ante-chamber. They could see two doors, one leading east and one west, and across from where they entered they could see the stairwell going up to the second floor of the pyramid. They decided to investigate their surroundings before heading upstairs, discovering that the doorway to the west was not closed. Inside, much to Vyrellis’ disbelief, they found her body suspended between four pillars by arcane energy.

Gin and Aegis investigated the wards holding the body there. Vyrellis asked if there would be any way to reconnect her to her body. Gin and Aegis tried what they could, and a bolt of arcane power linked the head in Trident’s hands to the body in the center of the room for a moment. “I know where they are!” Vyrellis exclaimed. After a moment of speechless joy, she explained that her life had been severed into three life shards, and that these would be needed to reconnect her to her body. Now that she had reestablished a connection with it, she could sense where the three shards were located in the pyramid.

After some discussion, the party decided to search for the two shards that were located on the first floor of the pyramid before heading up to the second, where she sensed her third life shard.

The party headed to the east side of the pyramid, where they found a flooded room, with five lizardfolk waiting for a meal. After dispatching them, the party found a raised room that had not been flooded with a statue of Vyrellis with a moonstone embedded in it. “That’s the first one!” Vyrellis cheered. Dreadbeard carefully removed it from the statue, and tried balancing it on the ball containing Vyrellis’ head.

They continued north, finding a gang of bandits led by Gharash Vren. While the bandits themselves put up little resistance, the werewolf they had captured was able to draw some blood, but was also put to rest by the party. Heading through another door to the south the party found a woman praying at an altar. Upon seeing them she grew overjoyed. “Thank the gods you are here. You have to help me!” When the party had entered the small chapel, the doors slammed shut behind them. "You see, I have been trapped here for hundreds of years.

The party investigated their surroundings. Gin quickly determined that a devil’s curse was keeping the doors locked, and when anyone approached them two devils would appear momentarily and cut the person approaching, before disappearing again. In a fit of rage at being imprisoned, Dreadbeard started charging the walls, trying to bring the chapel down. Quickly, though, he broke through a hidden door into a secret chamber. The woman was shocked to see the secret room off of the chapel. Inside was another statue of Vyrellis that had a garnet lodged into it. They found it a little harder to remove it than the first, but were able to get it.

Having found the life shard, the party turned their full attention to escaping from the chapel. After trying to break other walls and destroy the doors, the party investigated their surroundings again. Initially Dreadbeard, Trident, and Gin believed they would need to make a sacrifice on the altar, and they started eying the woman, whose name was Dana. Aegis stepped in and said they would find another way out. Dana thanked him for his protection with a kiss.

Then, inspired by an altar runner, Dreadbeard slowly lowered his hands over the two candles on the altar, holding them there until they burned his hands. As soon as his hands were burned, the party fled the chapel with Dana, before the doors slammed shut again. Dana asked if she could join them and be under their protection. Everyone agreed, and they headed back to the stairs to go to the second level of the pyramid.

Upon arriving on the second level, Vyrellis said she could sense her final life shard to the east, and she could also sense Karavakos to the south. The party decided to finish what they started with her life shards and headed east. As they approached a door that was frozen, the party began considering what they should do about Dana if they got into a fight with other denizens of the pyramid, to which Gin replied, “Who, the succubus?” Concerned that they had been infiltrated, Dreadbeard and Trident tried to attack her, but Aegis stepped in the way to protect her. In response she held up her hands and tried to convince Dreadbeard that she meant no harm, and he found himself unable to keep attacking her. “I will wait downstairs while you guys work this out” Dana told them, before flying away back down the hallway.

The party decided to worry about Dana after retrieving the final life shard, and they continued through the frozen door. Inside they found a hallway with a thick sheen of ice on all surfaces. They were approached by an eladrin who asked what they were doing there. The party decided to attack her, but before they could she was joined by two eladrin knights that tried to stop the party, and then by more troops. Despite the eladrins’ familiarity and comfort with the ice and cold, the party dispatched them quickly, only finding trouble with one that put a curse on trident before fleeing into a room and locking the door behind himself. But time and some strong shoulder blows found the door destroyed and the eladrin killed.

The party continued on, finding themselves in a cavern that was colder still than the hallway. Lying at the back of the cavern was a pile of treasure with a white dragon next to it, who upon seeing them enter roared, “Kneel if you would treat with me.” Vyrellis told the party, “The amethyst on the top, that’s it.” The party decided to move into position, not enjoying the idea of kneeling before anyone and wanting to get the final life shard. The dragon responded immediately, moving into one of the nearly freezing cold pools in the cavern. Seeing how quickly the dragon responded, the party decided to try a different tactic. Aegis approached and kneeled, and said that they wanted to trade with the dragon for the amethyst in his treasure. The dragon responded, “Before we discuss any trading, what gift will you offer me for not eating you?”

Gin quickly said, “How would you like to try some of my fine prune juice?”

“Yes, I will try your finest gnomish prune wine.”

Gin produced some of his extra potent prune juice for the dragon. The dragon enjoyed the taste, but then he started rippling, and finally ripped in half. Both halves sealed up, so where there was one dragon before, now there were two, and the second was female. The female started moving towards the original dragon to which he responded, “This is a great gift indeed. I will trade the amethyst for more of that wine.” Gin quickly teleported over to the treasure pile, left a barrel of the prune juice and grabbed the amethyst, teleporting back.

The party then, with all three shards, headed back down to the room containing Vyrellis’ body. Vyrellis suggested putting a life shard near three of the pillars that were projecting the arcane energy, and the globe with her head on the fourth. The party arranged it, and then Aegis began working on a ritual to break down the wards holding the body suspended. One pillar at a time, the arcane energy ebbed. After the three with her life shards had all winked out, her body hovered towards the final pillar, and the globe with her head floated up over the body. A bright light flashed, and glass shattered. When the light faded, they found Vyrellis, whole, kneeling on the ground amidst hundreds of glass shards.

Kill Me Once, Shame on You...

The party continued investigating the lush forests of the arborean keepers until Vyrellis urged the party to head in a northerly direction to search for Karavakos in the library. Everyone agreed that finding Karavakos was the priority, and they moved north as best as they could figure, only destroying one plinth, trying to destroy a runic circle, and filling a pool of drinking water with dead arboreans on their way out of the arboreans’ sector.

They found the library, dominated by a large statue in the center of an eladrin female and a cacophony of whispers swirling through the air. Confronted by eaters of knowledge, the party quickly split up to kill each foe rapidly. In the process Tride did some damage to the statue, which Vyrellis became upset about. After defeating the eaters of knowledge, Tride brought Vyrellis close to the statue, where she searched for a gem that has gone missing. As nobody could find it on the statue, Dreadbeard knocked the statue down, shattering it. Meanwhile, Gin searched for knowledge in the whispering books, but found only blank covers and empty pages in every book he pulled from the shelves.

Once everyone was satisfied that the room held nothing else of value they continued northward into a small study with a large angelic statue, bearing a glyph of Ioun. In searching the desk and cabinet in the room, they set off an alarm on the statue, calling forth more eaters of knowledge and Karavakos himself. The party dispatched the eaters of knowledge without any trouble. Karavakos was a more dangerous foe, blasting Dreadbeard with magic, until he was surrounded and quickly killed. Shortly after, a purple orb rose from Karavakos’ corpse and flew from the room at great speed.

After his death, the group searched Karavakos’ personal quarters behind magically enchanted curtains, which captured and trapped Tride and Dreadbeard numerous times each. Inside they found a key made of adamantine and some intriguing inscriptions. They also found a small statuette of an angel and a silver necklace that Vyrellis sadly claimed as hers from centuries before.

Vyrellis informed the party that to kill Karavakos two more times it would be best to search for him on the higher levels of the pyramid, via a stairwell to the west. The party headed back to the room they originally entered the pyramid, and went west from there. They found a room flooded with rope bridges crossing above the water. Gardain passed the bridge first, but when he got close to the end beautiful singing began and he jumped off the rope bridge into the water. The party moved in to find two harpies working with a couple sahuagin to lay an ambush for any travelers. After destroying the ambushers and making their way out of the water, the party started towards the doors on the north side of the room…

Two Heads Are Better...

The party finds themselves inside a pit, filled half way to the top with dead bodies. Standing over them is a giant ettin wielding two cleavers. Without hesitating the party scurries out of the pit, largely avoiding the carrion crawlers that feast within, and kill the ettin. In his collection of heads they find a magical sphere with a female eladrin’s head inside that seems to be alive. Her name is Vyrellis and she offers to help the party in killing Karavakos to win their freedom from the Pyramid of Shadows.

The party begins searching the pyramid, finding areas of lush growth, with plant-like keepers that they are forced to kill as they continue their exploration.

Finding the Pyramid of Shadows

Walian and Reiko, reconciled after years of estrangement head east together…
Whip joins a bounty hunters guild…
Fatel heads to the mountains to rejoin his tribe…

After a six month break from adventuring, the party came back together to seek out the Pyramid of Shadows. Following a map they found in Paldemar’s belongings, they head to the Winterbole Forest. They encounter a man who is mumbling and incoherent. Gin offers him prune juice, which causes the man to shrivel up with dehydration before their eyes. Gin has him drink more, and while the man does not get hydrated by it, he clearly likes Gin for giving him more of his magical drink. After the man dies, Dargon summons his spirit back so that they may question it, twice.

The party continues on, finding a clearing in the forest. When they enter it, they are attacked by a gang of bandits. Upon defeating them, the party finds that the bandits are part of Gharash’s gang, a wanted man.

Before they can investigate further, an image of Karavakos appears before them, inviting them into the Pyramid of Shadows. Everyone, shrinking, is drawn into the tiny pyramid in the center of the clearing.


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