The Defenders of Fallcrest

Where Are We?

The party stepped through the portal and found themselves in a prune orchard in the middle of the night. In the distance they saw a man picking prunes. As they approached they realized that the man was a zombie, and Dreadbeard cut him down. They saw that all the workers in the orchard were zombies and methodically went around destroying them all.

In the distance, they saw a walled city. After dealing with as many zombies as they could find, they approached it. They meet a group of guards, 1 human, 9 skeletons who ask them where they are from. The group says Nentir Vale and admit to killing the zombies. The guards ask them to come peacefully to meet with the king. They agreed and were escorted into the city, finding people being guarded by skeletons.

The king explains their history briefly as he knows how far away Nentir Vale is. “What? The zombies labor for you? Can we learn to do that???” “Guys, this place is awesome”.

Sarkomov says he likes them, would like to work with them, but he needs a task done to forget them killing a bunch of his prune gatherers. So sends them to discover if Haldrist and Irina are in love. The party heads to their city and is greeted by 100 cavalry that rush out of the city (turns out that’s their primary defense), who then lance some skulking drow in the fields before returning to the town escorting the party (who have karkothi cloaks, thus allowed to pass). *Note, when they lanced the drow, they did not kill them, just skewered them and carried them into town on their lances.

The party meets Irina and Haldrist, say that Dreadbeard is the king of Nentir Vale and they have come to present a wedding present… prune juice. They like it, so decide to have a banquet, Gin says he needs more prunes and a still to make enough for a banquet, so they provide local prunes and a still. He makes a pitcher of it. While they’re at dinner they start hearing about the chained god, so Gin remembers that he can communicate telepathically with Nirva. “Hey Nirva, who is this chained god?”

“His name must never be spoken. Let me try to send it to you in another form.”

And he sees “Tharizdun” flash before his eyes. So then he immediately leans to the noble on his left and says, “So why don’t you say the chained god’s name?”

“Because our tradition is that his name must not be spoken until he is unchained.”

“But it’s not saying his name that is keeping him chained,” says Gin.

So they convince the 15 nobles and Irina and Haldrist that if they really want to free the chained god, they need to start using his name. Banquet ends, Gin updates Nirva and she says, “What??? Do you know what it took to create the belief that his name must not be spoken? You must kill anyone who heard you say otherwise.”

Gin follows Irina and Haldrist to the study, plants explosive runes in the book they are reading, and they set them off. Gin and Irina dodge the blast, but Haldrist is knocked unconscious, and the explosion starts a fire in the study. Irina gathers Haldrist and a few books, gets into a carriage and sets off for Tyarmur.

Dreadbeard and Trident go to the dungeons to question the drow. The drow they meet tries to blind them and escape. Trident catches him and another heading out a secret passage in the burning study. He kills them both and finds a magic ring and a scroll on their bodies. The party follows the secret passage out beyond the town, cast a ritual of silence to avoid eavsdroppers, and then discuss what their next move should be. Gin then contacts Nirva, asking to her to get Minda or Vadriar to bring the pyramid to them.


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