The Defenders of Fallcrest

What Does A Memory Taste Like?

The party stepped out into the Far Realm, and saw three creatures approaching that they were able to identify as a beholder, a mind flayer, and a gibbering abomination. The three approached the party, with Trident claiming to be an aberration that had captured the orderly beings and was going to convert them. When the beholder was within striking distance, Gin and Dreadbeard attacked.

The party attacked hard, but found that the land itself was working with the monsters. Seeing Dreadbeard and Trident unconcsious, and Gardain’s mind controlled by the mind flayer, Gin told the beholder that they wished to leave the Far Realm, and take other intruders with them. The beholder stopped his companions to hear Gin out. Gin convinced him that they were only interested in finding the pyramid packed with others from the material plane, and returning with all of them to it.

The beholder demanded to accompany them to make sure they left. They walked through the realm, and found it changing to remove them, but they were able to press on and find the pyramid.

Inside, they found the first floor had been overrun by the natural sanctuary that Reithann had been tending to. On the second and third floors they found a resurgence of the pulsating purple flesh covering everything. At the helm of the pyramid, they found Vadriar. When they approached him, he appeared completely vacant, until he slowly turned to look at Gin. “You’re a Thwipwick. I’d like to taste your memories.”

Dreadbeard did not wait for him to say anything else, but charged him, slicing him in half at the waist. As he lay dying, he looked to Gin again, saying, “Seamus’ memories are delicious. I’m sure yours are good, too.”

Gin gathered his wits, and teleported the pyramid to Fallcrest, hovering over the keep.


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