The Defenders of Fallcrest

The Serpent and the Dragon

Seneschal in Winterhaven dead “He was waiting until everyone entered the pyramid before entering himself” → Ex-lord Padraig and Sjelvim approach to be the new seneschal. Due to superior leadership skills, Sjelvim is chosen and ex-lord Padraig is thrown back in prison.

Minda Conture and Regrizzt offer to be new sage. Vadriar vouches heavily for Minda! She gets chosen to join the pyramid to organize library and research Bartimaeus, Regrizzt gets chosen as new sage of Winterhaven.

Armos is pissed about the rumors! Also demands some engineers/architects and some workers to expand the Cairn of the Winterking. DB asks about Barimaeus, Armos says he’ll consider giving information after work is done on the Cairn.

Word from Valthrun (from before his death) in Winterhaven that he caught someone breaking into his tower. Missing books on necromantic rituals. Group investigates, finds the arcane symbol of Paldemar.

Cult of Zehir – rumor is going strong, the cult is interested in finding the four to bring in deeper. Introduce to Scar Vrythal and a yuan ti. The party killed the Yuan-ti and captured Scar Vrythal, and used the two (with a projection from the pyramid) to clear the rumor they had spread. (also, somebody lit the Nentir Inn on fire. Experts say the fire was started in the cellar, where purportedly illegitimate prune juice was being kept. Whether this was mob related or not is unknown)


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