The Defenders of Fallcrest

Soul Work

The party began dragging the drow death squad back to Harken Keep, and noticed a note dropoff of one of the bodies. It said, “Attack on 5th and 12th, then primary attack on 13th”. When they returned to the keep, Trident prepared an animal messenger to go to Armos Kamroth, saying, “Harkenwold need reinforcements. Send your best dragon. For the safety of the Nentir Vale. Dreadbeard”

Gin and Aegis worked with a Speak with Dead ritual, converting it to speak to a trapped soul. They used it to talk to one of the souls in one of the swords they recovered from the Drow.

Gin: Who are you?
Soul: I’m Cuhaed of the Harkenwold

Gin: Where are you?
Cuhaed: I’m in a ten foot wide cylindrical room. Me and nineteen others are chained to the wall.

The party searched the town to see if they could learn anything more about Cuhaed. They found his wife, Arli, who reported that he was kidnapped two weeks before.

Gin decided to see how Cuhaed was doing.
Gin: How are you doing?
Cuhaed: I feel a hole, a missingness, ever since the drow chanted near me.

Trident and Gin remembered that in Karkoth they found a ritual that could force a living soul into a magic item. They decided to try forcing out the drow’s soul with Trident’s. They were successful, and Trident found that he could wield the sword afterwards.

Dreadbeard decided he would do the same, but pushed out the living soul. The sword was powerless with Dreadbeard’s soul and the dead drow’s.

The party then got a message from Armos Kamroth. “If you need a dragon, come speak with me.”

They returned to Fallcrest and went to Nirva to ask about the swords. Nirva was taken aback by the sword. They asked if she could remove Dreadbeard’s soul from the sword without harming him. She said she would need to study it.

Dreadbeard then went to speak with Armos, in private, while Aegis, Trident and Gin trained the up and coming heroes of Armos’ hero academy. Armos suggested that if Dreadbeard needs the aid of a dragon, he should sign over his soul to Tiamat, who can provide much support. Dreadbeard agreed, and Tiamat’s symbol burned into his forearm.

The party visited Nimozaran who happily proclaimed that he found the designs for a massive lance, as they had requested. They then returned to Nirva, who removed Dreadbeard’s soul from his sword. She was able to successfully separate the two. Then Trident had his sword refashioned into a glaive.


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