The Defenders of Fallcrest

So Sayeth the Prophet

the guys were in the middle of assassinating nobles
that were for the most part push overs
where we didn’t even go into combat
they had the king and queen who had left town and 15 additional
that they had told about unchaining the chained god
so, they streetwise the addresses and start going to one after the other
husband and wife here
husband alone there
err man alone
they came up with fascinating ways to kill them
Kevin mixed some alchemists fire into his prune juice for one guy
mostly they just skewered
they come to a place where there are 6 of the dinner guests
in attendance
and they’re all wearing the military uniforms
so they just start fighting them
well, turns out these guys are not push overs
so Sham goes unconscious in like the 2nd round
we get through like 3-4 rounds
they’ve used a lot of healing surges
and a couple dailies
an action point here and there
and they’ve put down like 2 of the 6
and we had to stop because it was getting late
that’s where we started, but I gave them an option
we could dive right back into the combat
we could start up with them walking out the front door, covered in blood, with no surges, no dailies, and no action points
they opted for that
went on, found the last few from their list, killed them
purposefully left a few Drow-ish clues around
then went back to the main keep to sleep
when they woke up, they were like, “Where’s the pyramid, it should have been here by now”
so they ask Nirva
she’s like, I haven’t seen it since it teleported
but then she asks that they’re sure they can trust Vadriar since he was acting really weird
so, I reminded them of some bizarreness from him
they’re like, “crap”
then I think that was also the “night” that the yuan-ti let out the medusas to attack
so Nirva
killed them
but a bunch of people got turned into statues
so they got up in the morning
pretended that Gin is a prophet of the chained god
and told them that the chained god let the drow (his mortal enemies) attack the city because the nobles were mispronouncing his name
it should be pronounced TharizKoon
but that to re win his favor, they should attack the drow in the underdark
they were able to get the city worked up enough that the cavalry went off to attack
then they rushed to the other city where the king and queen went
and tried to see her
they were told by guard after guard that they were on the list to see her in the morning
and that they could stay in the inn
but they kept trying to get in, and finally saw a name on the list to be seen immediately
said that that is Gin
and he went in
the queen met with him, asked how he got in, and he said a guard let him in
so then she said they would talk in the morning and that the guard should have let him know that there was a room for them in the inn
then he left, but before he got out, we cut to the others
who saw a shadow leap from the keep walls, dive into the guard’s mouth and nose
and then the guy exploded and the shadow returned into the keep
then they started wondering if attacking the queen might be a bad idea if she could, as Kevin put it, “Shadow frag” people
and then we stopped
with them getting to the inn
and being offended that the second best room was being held for them


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