The Defenders of Fallcrest

Let No One Live

so, last Tuesday
the party was trying to gather their wits
they had just watched two rulers of Karkoth flee the city
one in dire medical condition
they had been ordered by Nirva to kill anyone that had over heard that they should chant the Chained God’s name to unchain him
Seth was there by skype
so they recapped the situation and started figuring out some plans
reach out to one of the other Karkothi rulers to help destroy the whole city
second, try to convert the populace to some other faith
third, assassinate the dinner guests that heard it
fourth, (tossed in by me) a forgetting ritual
fifth, bide time until the pyramid shows up, make it huge and squash the city
Seth was having a hard time being convinced that any of these were good ideas
until they pointed out that Nirva ordered them to do it, and she seems relatively good
they decided that they should have the fifth plan as a back up at least
so they checked on Nirva talking to Vadriar to get the pyramid to them
she asked if Gin taught Vadriar to pilot it, or left a spare ritual book (no, no)
Vadriar requested the plane jumping ritual
Nirva said she could try to gather it if Gin read it very intently
he did spectacularly well on his roll
so she got the ritual to Vadriar
while they were mind talking, Gin asked if either Nirva or Vadriar knew a memory erasing ritual
Nirva said no, and that when she asked Vadriar he started giggling
and expressed that he seems bizarre
then the party put primary plan into action, assassinate any dinner guests
they use streetwise to find where they all live
went to house 1
asked to be speak to the owners
and when they had the servant out of the room
hacked them up with their weapons
then left
and locked up behind themselves
they went to a second place
where they attacked the guy on the door step
third place, where Gin mixed strong alchemists fire into prune juice which consumed the person from the inside
then they found 6 of the dinner guests (military men) discussing what had happened at the meal
the party attacked them, and discovered that they were tougher than random noble citizens
we had to leave off in the middle of the fight


spath422 spath422

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