The Defenders of Fallcrest

Home Sweet Home

The party seeks out information about Karkoth, and DreadBeard almost starts a fight with a merchant trying to get it. They find the mage’s tower where they are able to borrow a book from the mages, under the condition that Dreadbeard bear their mark while he has it. Gin offered the mage some prune juice in celebration of finding the information they needed. After one sip, the mage died. The party grabbed him, and brought him to the inn they were staying in and propped him up for their meeting with Irina.

Irina removed Dreadbeard’s shadow and sent it away. Gin told Irina that they have a ritual to unchain the chained god, but it’s on their pyramid, which he expected to have arrived. As it wasn’t there they wanted to go back to Fallcrest to check on it. Irina offered a teleportation circle to return to Fallcrest.

The party teleported to the Tower of Vecna, and then to Fallcrest. They worked with Nirva to locate where Brugg’s body was using the bead that trapped his soul. The discovered that his body, which they had left in the pyramid, was in the Far Realm. Nirva refused to go with them to the Far Realm, and wished them luck.

They visited Nimozaran, who gave them some chalk that could be used to quickly create a teleportation circle, then opened a portal to the Far Realm for them.


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