The Defenders of Fallcrest

A Widow's Revenge

Travel to Winterhaven.

Start gathering town into pyramid

Gin and Aegis notice the arcane energy flowing north of town

The party races the dragon wagon north

the horses die as they charge into a giant formation of goblins that are casting ritual

The party attacks, the goblins return fire with magic missile

The party forces surrender on the final goblin of the group, who points out the other two casting goblin formations and Allande Markelhay

The ritual is completed and destroys part of Winterhaven, killing 13 families

Gin and Trident race to town to get the pyramid as the goblins flee north east towards the winterbole forest. Rejoined in the pyramid, they begin squashing the goblins, and when Allande is the only one left, DreadBeard tries to talk her into surrendering. When she begins lobbing magic missiles at him, he gets inside and orders her to be crushed as well.

Gin captured her soul into a bead, which Dreadbeard wove into his beard.

The party returned to Winterhaven, letting the citizens return. They discovered that Valthrun is missing, probably dead.


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