The Defenders of Fallcrest

A Little Help From Our Friends

Yru’nitzlin, an ancient white dragon, lands in the center of the city. He approaches Dreadbeard and says that he was sent to assist him in whatever he needs.

The party talked to Nirva and found out that the swords carry two souls, one to own it, one to power it. If either person dies, the sword becomes unstable, exploding.

The party asks Nimozaran to research a soul link domination spell.

The party went with Yru’nitzlin to the Tower of Vecna and found it empty. They then went to the Gardmore Abbey to look into the undead that were seen there. They dispatched a large number of zombies and skeletons, and found an eldritch machine, different, but similar to the one that is missing from the Tower of Vecna. They sensed that it was focusing a strong arcane flow that went out southwest and northeast.

They destroyed the apparatus, and took the core to Nirva for safe keeping. The Scions of Light and Dark found that the arcane flow was channeling through Winterhaven and through a barbarian burial ground in the northern woods. They sent the Scions of Light and Dark to Winterhaven to guard against drow attacks, and gave them free reign to search for another eldritch apparatus there. The party went to the burial ground, and destroyed the apparatus they found there.


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